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Amplifier design is always a compromise of multiple factors. Cost and musical performance are the topmost, but not only those. One can buy cheapest parts to put together his own amp or go to store and buy hi–fi brand new device for few hundred or thousand bucks. In any case the result will be just a mediocre musical performance. Many DIY–ers and famous brand designers of hi–fi amps run for hyper details and ultra perfect measurements, but they seem forget what it is all for, they forget about music. Music is not just the sound or melody, but it is also a soul.

I like jazz and modern acoustic music, where all sound nuances are very important. I had a dream to build my own tube amplifier using a simple recipe, but with no–compromise parts choice. Purity and simplicity came to me as basic formula. Therefore I decided to proceed along the path from schematic design and topology development to soldering and hardware assembly. The shortest signal way, well thought schematic design and carefully selected radio parts — there are no two ways about it.

The amplifier's name etymology «Level Five» comes from King Crimson's song title «Level Five» from their album «Power To Believe».


Level Five 2A3 Schematic