Level Five 2A3 SE Amplifier Level Five 2A3 SE Amplifier

Useful Links

The Tube CAD Journal — online-magazine with technical articles on vacuum tube audio design.

Parts ConneXion — the biggest mail order supplier of DIY electronic audio parts. — Mr.Chung (HK) sells Chinese made but, very well quality Daburu Output Transformers and lots of other components too. Thank You, Mr.Chung!

TimeBanditAudio — Raymond Koonce is a audio hobbyist & tube amps builder. He gave me the idea of using 6SL7 SRPP design to drive the 2A3 in my Level Five Amp.

Tube Data Sheet Locator — great database for finding data on vacuum tubes.

Vintage CD — new site dedicated to the CDs issued long time ago.


Level Five 2A3 Schematic